Phool Chand Herbals Pvt Ltd – A renowned ayurvedic company in the suburbs in and around the beautiful city of Roorkee, uttrakhand. Founded by Shri Ulfat Rai jain in the year 1928, with a vision to cure the world with the authentic ayurvedic treatments backed by a traditional holistic approach. With a Charismatic endeavour and a degree of BIMS in those times, our founder aimed to make it big and today the dream is finally coming to life.


Not only to help cure the world but to promote Indian authenticity the mission which was started in 1928 carried through generations and currently our CO Mr. Sandeep Jain, BIMS, and ED Mr. Paras Jain, BAMS have given it a new scope. We are reaching the world through our products which are doctored with-in our factories.


We present a range of 100% pure ayurvedic and herbal products range at a very genuine and justifiable price. We specialize in some of the most commonly known disorders in the humans and some most common diseases as well, for instance, our solution to a diabetic problem is “Sugar Bell” our own product which is home nurtured and self doctored in our factory with the proper regulations and guidelines to meet the standards.

More authentic products :

1.  Sugar Bell- Diabetic Medicine

2.  Keshwam Hair Oil-  Hair thinning disorder

3.  Vaat Hair oil and Capsules and many more herbal capsule, syrups, powders, and oil.

Our objective is to bring Ayurveda in line with the main healthcare stream and to take advantage of one of India’s most proud and oldest techs, mixing it with our modern scientific approach for the world to tap in and re-ignite the faith in Ayurveda.


We always focus on the quality, with our ED personally looking and managing the Quality control, our operations are all top-notch. Every herbal product we provide goes through stringent quality measures to ensure the highest quality. All of the products are evaluated on a spectrum of frameworks related to the ingredients and ratio of constituents and their effects on the human body.